The Great Trans-Am Scavenger Hunt

From the Sketch22 blog comes this request:

you or someone you know owns a late seventies Trans-Am then this blog
is for you!  Sketch is looking for a mid to late seventies Trans-Am to
use in a video we’re shooting in early June.  It can be any colour,
even show signs rust, as long as it runs.  Safely.  If it has a phoenix
on the hood, bonus.  The lucky person whose car is chosen will get to
have it immortalized in a Sketch-22 video and play all summer long at
the show.  Plus, there’ll be a couple comps.  Plus a DVD.  Okay, we’ll
throw in a T-shirt.  Imagine your Trans-Am, or a Trans-Am someone who
you’ve never seen before hotwires and leaves in your driveway with the
keys in it, on the big screen at The Guild!

If interested, please contact us at  And if anyone
has any leads, send them our way on this blog.  Sketch-22.  A
Trans-Am.  Magic.

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