1. Jay says:

    It gets worse. The name of the new show next year is “British Invasion: America Strikes Back.” They couldn’t just call it “American Pie” or “Stars and Stripes and Rock ‘n Roll” or some other title that stands on its own that would identify it as being about American pop rock music. No, they have to tag it onto the title of last year’s show, even though it’s about American music and presumably will have no British songs whatsoever (but you never know), because the public is too stupid to understand that it’s another music revue show unless it has a title attached to it that they recognize. At least they didn’t call it what they almost went with:
    “British Invasion Rocks Canada: Music That Was Being Produced at the Same Time by Our More Powerful Friends to the South, But Not as Far South as Mexico Because We Are Saving the Music of That Country For Our 2009 Revue Show, Mexico Sizzles, Revenge of Selected Latin Beats That Are Familiar and Accessbile to Prince Edward Islanders.”


  2. Joe Blow says:

    …and if you google a little bit, you will discover that all of these shows are dinner theatre revues that have previously played in Calgary and Mississauga.
    You might as well go to Peake’s and catch Roger Jones.


  3. graham says:

    I never thought I’d say these words: Roger Jones would be a better show…nah. I simply can’t stand by those words…
    I guess they still have the Gallery to give them their ‘arts’ centre status.


  4. Rob MacD says:

    With just the Gallery, though, it would simply be Confederation Centre of the Art. Singular.


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