Maritime Electric Christmas TV Ads

Okay, so I’m going to try and be delicate here, because it’s entirely possible that a young local-star-in-training will Google herself (get your mind outta that gutter) someday and come across this post.  And far be it from me (is that the phrase?) to cause a future star in ACT’s future-cast production of “12 Angry Men” (I know! Casting women in the roles!!) to get sad from any kind of negative reactions… But…

Are you familiar with those Maritime Electric Christmas TV ads?  The ones with the dolled-up young lady talking about the benefits of LED lights and all sorts of whatnot.  Okay, if you are familiar with them, then there’s really no need in me talking about them, because, unless you are the child’s parents, you will agree with me. Enough said.

On an entirely unrelated topic (delicacy, remember?): Do you remember that entertainment-news item years ago (and also a sub-plot in a singular episode of “Seinfeld”) where this guy went into convulsions every time heard Mary Hart’s voice?  Yeah, that was something.

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  1. davem says:

    yeah. she’s awesome isn’t she.
    what a sweetie.


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