Oh Say Can You See That I’m Lip-Synching?

When did it start?
When was the first time that someone sang a national anthem (or the like) at a public event, but instead of singing it live, moved their lips to a pre-recorded version.
That’s what happened at yesterday’s SuperBowl, when American Idol winner What’s Her Name came out on to the field, took the stage, and began to move her lips around, pretending to be actually singing.

When did this start?
When did it first become more important to someone to sound good rather than to sing live?  When did a competent, mistake-free pre-recorded lip-synch performance become more important than a live, mistakes-be-damned, honest performance?

Why are more people not insulted at this type of performance?  What does it say about a society where a pre-recorded lip-synching of THE NATIONAL ANTHEM is tolerated over a live in-the-moment performance?

Hopefully, Barack Obama will put an end to this, if he becomes PotUS.

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