Should I Heed This Noxtificaxtion?

I received an email today from “PayPal”, telling me this was my final warning about the safety of my PayPal account.  Usually, I just delete these pieces of garbage, but I decided to read through it first.  Turns out, it’s a pretty poor piece of forgery.

Some highlights of ineptitude:


“If you
do not update your billing informations…”
“Submiting invalid information…”

Totally ridiculous email link to respond to (PayPal uses AOL?):

Please update your PayPal profile in order to restore your online access: blah blah blah _url=

More misspellings or invented words:

treats your perxsonal information…”
“To change your noxtificaxtion preferences, click here. If you would
like to receive this email in text format, click here.”

Also, neither of the “click here” noted about were even working links.

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