Garfield Minus Garfield

I never got into Garfield.  Never found it that amusing, on those rare times when I’d bother to read it at all.
You might say I’m anti-Garfield.
So, when I came across a post on MetaFilter about Garfield Minus Garfield, I didn’t think it would be that interesting to me.  Somebody took a bunch of Garfield strips and removed Garfield from them completely.  What you’re left with is the human character (is his name “John”?) basically talking to himself.
It makes him seem schizophrenic.  I wasn’t expecting to laugh at it at all, but I found myself laughing out loud a number of times.  Without Garfield, the guy is totally bonkers.

Take a look.


  1. Laura says:

    That is soooo hilarious. It’s rare that I laugh out loud at comic strips (more then a one “ha” at best) but there was something about these that cracked me up.
    Who the heck thought of that? It’s given me a whole different way of looking at things.


  2. dave s says:

    hey rob.
    that’s terrific and very funny. check out this guy:
    he analyzes garfield strips for their hidden meanings.
    i like the new look of your blog, btw.


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