American Idol – Top Ten Boys

I missed doing a review of the top 12 girls.  Mostly because the performances I saw (I saw them all) weren’t really inspiring enough to devote time to typing about them.

I could say the same about the guys performances last night.  Almost.

My gimmick for this review is that, since it’s the Top Ten, I’ll stick to only ten word reviews of each performer.  Not counting names and names of songs.

Theme for the night:  Songs from the ’70s

Here I go:

Michael Johns – Go Your Own Way: His worst performance yet. Strained on high notes. Lackadaisical performance.

Jason Castro – I Just Want To Be Your Everything:
Non-memorable. Playing guitar got in the way of vocal consistency.

Luke Menard – Killer Queen: Did not like the falsetto. Simon gets it right again.

Robbie Carrico – Hot Blooded: Rocker?  Not rocker. Rocker? Not rocker.  Who cares.  Just sing.

Danny Noriega – Until You Come Back To Me: Didn’t like you last week. Like you this week. Passable.

David Hernandez – Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone: Well sung, but fakey, emotionally. Didn’t believe what he sang.

Jason Yeager – Long Train Running: Your plot of boring us all is working. Good bye.

Chikezie – I Believe To My Soul: Better than last week, but I didn’t care for song.

David Cook – All Right Now:
I was making toast during his performance. Sounded okay, though.

David Archuleta – Imagine: A really great re-arrangement, performed with skill and honest emotion.

Really, only one performance worth talking about, and that was David Archuleta’s.  Really good stuff.  He seems to be head and shoulders above any of the other performers this year.  The only question is:  will we tire of his goofy aw-shucks?

In danger of leaving this week:  Jason Yeager & Robbie Carrico.  Jason needs to go, and I think we’re all tired of Robbie’s insistence of being a rocker despite having the vocal chops for it.

Will remain despite weak performances this week: Michael Johns & John Castro

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  1. Very fair assessment. Johns and Castro are my favorites right now. David is good, but a little to clean for me.


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