Prayers Do Work!!

Merciful Jesus, it’s about time!!

Royal Canadian Air Farce Calling It Quits

It’s not so much the show I despise (make no mistake, I *do* hate the show), it’s that it’s on national television. It’s that it’s so unfunny. It’s that, by its very existence on the CBC, it’s validated as some kind of national institution, even though the quality has been beyond suck for so, so, so very long now. I hate the privilege that they’ve been afforded and wasted for so long.

I despise Luba Goy and her unwarranted ego.

I despise almost everything about the kind of “comedy” they do.

I hate Royal Canadian Air Farce so hard.

They should have died years ago.

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  1. Jay says:

    Yay! You know, this is a moot point, but I always thought that the name of the show sucked (Anytime we heard it on TV as kids, it always illicted a groan from my sister and I. Thankfully, my parents weren’t into it. We did watch hockey though, so we weren’t communists!) But it was the perfect name for the type of comedy they produced – the bad kind. At least they weren’t called Royal Canadian Air Farce and producing great comedy. So I have to admit they had a great name when taken in this context.
    Also, I always thought of the word fart when I heard the word farce.
    The points I just made are moot.


  2. graham says:

    I’d welcome their return to Radio. I used to enjoy the radio Air Farce… but I guess I also enjoyed Garfield, soo….


  3. Skeetz says:

    I am so glad i found this specific blog. I wonder to myself every time the show is on how it got onto television. I am glad to see that it is finally being taken off the air. Also, Luba Goy is the most arrogant person ever. I met her once with my mother as we were walking up stairs in an art gallery instead of taking the elevator, she asked us if we wanted up and we said no, she turned to the people in the elevator and mad some type of snide comment about us for no reason. She’s a real bitch.


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