Tracey Ullman’s New Show Not Ha-Ha Funny

I watched the most of Tracey Ullman’s new HBO (??) show The State Of The Union. I always respected Ullman’s talent, but never really enjoyed her comedy. The same holds true for this show. She’s obviously very talented, but I just didn’t find the show that entertaining.

Basically, the premise of the show is we take a tour of a day in America. We travel to many various parts of America and get a glimpse of what’s happening. Many short scenes, and a full gamut of topics. Wherever we go, whomever we see, it’s Tracey playing the main character (sometimes all characters). We go from a news desk in middle America to a motel room in Texas to an apartment in Washington to an office in New York to a home in Beverly Hills.

As I say, Tracey plays all the main characters. Some are “nobodies”, like an any-woman hanging out clothes on a line, to “somebodies”, like Ariana Huffington. All the characters are very distinct, and very meticulously-crafted (this is the “respect her talent” part). It’s just that they’re not that funny (the “don’t enjoy her comedy” part) to me.

Maybe it’d be better if it wasn’t so “all Tracey all the time”?

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