Jeff Goldblum’s Had A Few Too Many

I’m amazed at how things happen sometimes. I mean, what were the circumstances that led to someone saying “Hmm, I bet if you slow down that old iMac commercial with Jeff Goldblum, it’d sound exactly as if he was a wasted boozey.”

So, that’s what someone did: Slowed down an old Jeff Golblum iMac commercial. And, yes, it sounds just like he’s hammered.

What kind of hammered? Well, let’s set a scene to better enjoy the video: Imagine a friend’s hosted a Christmas party. Jeff Goldblum happens to be there. It’s about 3:30 in the morning. Most of the party has ended, but there are still a few people hanging around in the living room. A couple of people are passed out on a chair and on the floor. Everyone is hammered but relaxed. A couple of joints have just been passed around and everyone has that inexplicable grin that won’t go away.
For some reason, the topic turns to the new iMac. Jeff Goldblum pipes up with his opinions on the iMac:

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