Sketch22 – Twenty-Second Second: Mr. Dressup’n’dresses

Inspired by some other site’s idea, I thought I’d look at one of the Sketch22 videos we’ve shot and present an image from its 22nd second. The video is Mr. Dressup’n’dresses (YouTube Link), and this is the image from the 22nd second:

This video contains many favourite memories for me, and this moment happens to be one of them. It’s taken during the theme song, and Mr. Dressup’n’dresses’ (Graham Putnam) focus is entirely on the little soap line between his fingers. The soap line breaks at the perfect moment to coincide with ‘ding’ in the theme music (stolen from Mr. Dressup, of course). The moment provided, no doubt, through Graham’s editing.
It’s really a lovely image. The rainbow looks almost like a hat, his hand forms a “c” which could represent all sorts of things.
Mr.Dressup’n’dresses is one of my favourite characters that I’ve come up with. I love how he lives in a totally effed-up universe and somehow has a que-sera-sera, non-judgmental sort of attitude. Would that more people in our universe adopt such an attitude. Would that, indeed.

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  1. Jay says:

    When I think of Mr. Dress-up now, this is what I think of. Not Ernie Coombs, god rest his soul. I think this video was one of the sketches that opened the floodgates into Sketch embracing the absurd. Would I call it a milestone? Maybe not. But it’s definitely a benchmark.


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