Winning For Something

Last night after Sketch22’s terrific performance at the Charlotteown Heston Fringe Festival, Jason & Dennis and I stumbled across a couple of phrases that we thought would make great titles for sketches and/or game shows and/or something else.

Winning For Something


Leave It Forward

In the game show Winning For Something, you never know what you could win. Sometimes it’ll be a bad or cheap prize, sometimes a fantastic one. Games contestants try should be difficult enough for them to be frustrated to win something not great.

Leave It Forward is based on the concept of pay-it-forward, only the idea is pay forward the crappy things in life too. This is probably a sitcom?

What are your ideas for TV shows for these two titles? Leave ’em in the comments.

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  1. vettel says:

    “Winning For Something” could also be a good name for a charity event. Probably organized by an apathetic charity service.


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