A Kindergartner’s Bucket List

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Just as our lunch ended today, DaveS and I were contemplating what items would be on a kindergartner’s Bucket List.  You know, that shitty movie the list a person makes of things they’d like to do before they kick the bucket.

So, if you went to a kindergarten and asked the kids there to each name, say, five things they’d want to do before they die, what do you think would show up on the lists?

I find it hilarious to think of a bunch of five-year old kids having to contemplate the concept of death.

My kindergartner’s Bucket List:

1) have a turtle as a pet
3) marry my kindergarten teacher
4) watch Tippy and Binoo all day along
5) catch and eat a tiger

What items do you think a kindergartner’s bucket list would have?

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  1. Steverino says:

    Good idea… will this appear in Sketch next year? Or perhaps as a certain (or general) Islander’s bucket list?
    Your #5 is the best one.


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