We Don’t Like You, And We Don’t Like You Either

An American Idol post.

So, Jasmine (is that her name?) and Jorge are booted.  No big loss.  He was my least favourite male performer and she was pretty to look at, but not ready for the competition.

The big revelation of the night was the new rule:  This season, the judges will have one, and only one, chance to nullify the vote of the Idiotic Masses of America.  If, some night this season, the fans vote out someone the judges unanimously (ie., if Simon thinks so) think shouldn’t be voted out, that person gets a stay of execution and nobody is voted out that week.  The next week, two people will be voted out (the two lowest vote-getters of that week).

I guess that’s an okay rule.  But what it does, everyone discovered last night, is that it causes the person getting the vote to be humiliated twice.

Humilation #1:
Ryan:  And the person going home is… Lowest Votegetter!  So sorry.

then, humiliation #2:
Ryan: Well, judges, are you going to use your veto power and keep Lowest Votegetter in the competition for at least one more week?

Judges: No.  You’re not worth saving.

Stab, and then STAB.  That’s harsh.

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