Charlottetown’s Best Car Wash

Get your car washed at the Tip Top Car Wash!!!

I was never really much of a car washer.  For a while I tried to do the weekend-get-out-and-wash-the-car-in-the-driveway thing, but never liked it.

Over the past number of years, whenever the car would need a cleaning, I’d take it to one of the automatic car washes around town.  Parkdale Irving used to have a good wash.  Lately it’s been the car wash bays on North River Road.  These, of course, were strictly exterior car washings.  Yes, I could, I suppose, use the vaccuums, but that seemed like too much work.  Just like washing the car myself.

But now.  Now I’ve found my new car wash place.  Tip Top Car Wash on MacAleer Drive (off Brackley Point Road, just before the airport).  It’s run by a couple who moved here a couple of years ago, from Montreal.  They came here to retire, and then found themselves opening this car wash about five weeks ago.

You drive your car into the bay, and a crew of five workers get to it.  They clean the interior (not sure if it’s more than just a wipe to remove the dust) and vaccuum the interior, vaccuum the trunk if you want (I didn’t get my trunk vaccuumed today as there was too much junk in it).  Then they wash the exterior.  Then they beat the exterior with chamois cloths until it’s nice a spotless dry.

All the while, I chatted with the wife, who sits behind the desk.  A very nice lady.  Her husband, meanwhile, oversees the guys who clean the car.  He seems like he’s very diligent about making sure they don’t slag off.  He appears to be the kind of person who expects good results from good work.

About 15 minutes later, I had a very clean car, inside and out.  The cost for a car is $15 plus tax, so just over 17 dollars.  I gave them a 20 dollar bill and said keep the change.  I’d gladly have tipped more if I had it in my pocket.

It’s a great place.  If you want a good cleaning of your car, you could do worse than visit the Tip Top Car Wash on MacAleer Drive.

Oh, and every visit you can fill out a ballot for a weekly $25 gas card.

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  1. jypsy says:

    Thanks for this. I dropped by Tuesday, “Ladies Day” as it turned out, $3 off the regular price. Fabulous job they do, I’ll be back.


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