Here You Go, Hollywood: TV Show idea: Food of Job

My friend, Dave Stewart, and I went to lunch on Friday.  The temperature in the restaurant was very cold; we had to keep our coats on.  The experience (cold atmosphere + good food) caused us to come up with a horrible new reality show:  

The Food of Job

The basic premise is: contestants provide a list of their Top Favourite Foods or Meals of All Time. They are then forced to consume their favourite foods in terrible, terrible conditions.

“Trevon, you listed Grape Gatorade as your most enjoyed beverage.  Well, this week, we’re flying you to Antartica where you’ll undress down to your underwear, be dropped into a Kiddy Pool full of Grape Gatorade.  You must consume the entire pool full of Grape Gatorade before you get rescued, or before you freeze.  This is… The Food of Job!!”

“Tammy, you Love popcorn!!  You said it was your 2nd favourite snack food.  Get ready to… Pop To It!!  We’re tying your hands behind your back and putting you in a human-sized popcorn popper.  It’s up to you to catch all the popped popcorn in your mouth, while trying to avoid the melted butter and salt raining down on you.  This is… The Food of Job!!”

You get the idea, Hollywood.


  1. Dave Stewart says:

    The mind reels. See, my fave food is shish kabob, and I'm terrified at what I'd be forced to do today on… The Food of Job!


  2. D says:

    It is very intriguing for me to read that item. Thank scribe for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this issue. I decisively desire to read more soon….


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