Upcoming Survivor Seasons

Survivor: Jets vs. Sharks

Survivor: Adult Children vs. Step-Parents Who Are Younger Than Them

Survivor: Paranoid People vs. Nobody (But They Delusionally Think There’s An Opposing Team)

Survivor: Big Toes vs. Bedframes

Survivor: You Against The World

Survivor: COSplayers vs. The People Who Play or Voice The Characters People COSplay

Survivor: Fetuses vs. Aborted Fetuses

Survivor: TenderSkulls vs. NumbSkulls (just another version of Brains v. Brawn)

Survivor: Highschool Meangirls vs. The Women They Became

Survivor: Schroedinger’s Cats vs. The Boxes They Inhabit

Survivor: Anti-Vaxxers vs. COVID-19

Survivor: Boston Rob vs. Aging

Survivor: He/Hims vs. She/Hers vs. They/Thems

Survivor: Spy vs. Spy

Survivor: Versus vs. Verses

Survivor: Axis vs. Allies

Survivor: The Things I Say vs. The Things I Believe vs. The Things I Do

Survivor: My Generation vs. The Kids These Days

Survivor: Folk Purists vs. Dylan’s Electric Guitar

Survivor: Capitalists vs. A Menagerie of Dangerous Wild Animals

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