The Answer My Friends Is Belinda Wins

Okay, so it’s supposed to be Blowin’ in the Wind.  I expect I’d have needed to explain that title…unless you say it fast out loud, and in just the right way.

So, Belinda Stronach walks across. Not quite the same impact as hearing that Gretzky went to the Kings from Edmonton, but I admit, I’m glad of this if it means no spring or summer election, as it most likely will.  I like Belinda.  Really the main thing I had against her was that she was on the Conservative side.  As for who I’d prefer:  Martin or Harper as leader?  What’s that saying:  It’s better to side with the devil you know than with Stephen Harper.

Hey, lookit me!  I’m talking politics.  I’m a big boy now!  Note, though, that I put this in the category "Games".

Tins Non-keen Men’s Theatre

As you might have guessed I’m not a Globe and Mail guy per se. But for
no good reason whatsoever a couple months ago I got hooked on the
Cryptic Crossword at the back of the book review section of Saturday’s
Globe. I think it’s because of the whole anagram thing. You know: you
rearrange the letters to make a new word or phrase out of the given

So here’s your next assignment. I want you to make an Anagram out of:
The Annekenstein Monster.