Come Play On Our Island (bring protection)

You can’t beat free tourism advertising:

– Hell’s Angels Sets Up Chop-Shop in Charlottetown
– NB Bike Gang Expands Domain To Include PEI
– Charlottetown Policeman Caught With Child Pornography
– Mob of Charlottetown Teenagers Harrasses Chinese Restaurant Owners
– PEI Students Stupidest In Canada
– Charlottetown Festival to present Canada Rocks – A Musical Revue

(okay, just kidding on the last one.  Well, let’s just say the jury has not yet returned a verdict)


  1. sprague says:

    You forgot a couple…
    “Former bootlegger goes legal”
    “Beer and shots reach ‘cheap-drunk pricing’ at three city bars”
    Now there’s an add in the making.


  2. graham says:

    One could easily point the finger at the link for all this, but I blame the city police because of their mind-stunning lack of tact, intelligence, competence and objectiveness.
    Also they should make indecency illegal. Especially clothing. All those kids harrasing the Noodle House were wearing ‘Urban’ clothing. They were obviously mimmicking their rock idols in the videos.
    The Biking gangs wouldn’t be nearly as threatening if leather clothing was illegal. Now, I can see why someone could use a good pair of leather shoes, but a leather jacket with profanity on it? come on! Why are they still legal?
    And I believe child pornography should be illegal too, I can’t….what? oh it is? then how is it possible that there was someone doing it?
    Oh dear. I hope people aren’t doing things despite being against the law. That would mean…oh gosh…the humanity… we’re fucked.
    At least they let us drink on sundays now without making us feel like we raped Jesus’s sister.


  3. Nice, graham, you had me going for a minute.. 🙂


  4. Nice, graham, you had me going for a minute.. 🙂


  5. Alan says:

    You see, I mention this and I am an Upper Canadian Island-basher. Umm but you forgot governence by the sheer power of Larry’s will as opposed to the application of public policy.


  6. Yanik says:

    Jesus has a sister?

    …is she cute? …has she ever been nailed?


  7. Yanik says:

    I wish I lived in Ontario.


  8. Jeff says:

    Hmm…seems to me there must be a way to blend all the free tourism advertising listed into one smashing ‘cultural product’

    Perhaps a charming musical about “stupid PEI students, who upon discovering a City Policeman with child pornography,turn mobbish against chinese restaurant owners, only to be caught up in gangland machinations between rival (or are they?) motorcycle gangs”

    Seems like a Mainstage winner to me..or maybe it’s more of a ‘Late Night At the Mack’ thing.

    Either way you’re guaranteed to never think of that Anne of Green Gables ditty ‘Ice Cream’ the same way ever again.


  9. andrea says:

    i want to see a musical about those homeless pigeons plaguing georgetown


  10. graham says:

    Write it.


  11. Ryan says:

    First of all Graham, rappers wear the so-called “urban” clothing, not rock bands. I am not quite sure if you are serious or not, but ban certain types of clothing? Hello ‘Little House on the Prarie.’
    Yanik, Jesus does not have a sister, you must be thinking of his aunt, Lucille Poulin, and no, she’s not cute.
    And Alan, only Islanders are allowed to bash the Island. If you have a problem, bring it back to Toronto with you.
    Homeless pigeons? Is there another kind? It’s about time the government has stepped in to see to the roaming sheep problem in Tignish though.


  12. graham says:

    If you knew me Ryan, you’d know I am hardly ever serious, but in this case, I must stand my ground. We all know that the trend of baggie clothing came from prison. And that’s where you end up if you wear it. (7th heaven taught me that, the second best show next to little house on the praries). I also think books should be banned as they encourage thinking differently. Macs for thinking different. And snowballs.
    I say six months probation for conspiring to make a snowball. What’s the difference between a bullet and a snowball? Not much….
    And there is no difference between rap and rock. It’s all Satan music to me.


  13. Ryan says:

    Um. 1) Little House on the Prarie and 2) 7th Heaven?
    I think you’re forgetting ‘Touched By An Angel.’
    That must make you feel dumb.


  14. who cares says:

    K haha the person who said “all those kids harassing thee noodle hosue were wearing urban clothing , they were obviously mimmicking theier favorite idols in their videos”! hahaha that is the most ridicolous thing i have ever heard! first of all .. they were’t wearing “urban” clothing .. pretty much all of them are kids who wear brand named clothing such as “nike” or ” american eagle” they all come from rich homes and play hockey .. they’re little cocky spoiled assholes that like to show off to their friends . and thier parents don’t care because they spoil them to much! Televison has little to do with it …it’s the parents… the soceity is beggining to become this way and i don’t think there is much we can do to stop it


  15. Jesus Cares says:

    who cares your attitude is very upsetting. Obviously you don’t care but others do about these issues. And if I recall correctly, and I’m sure Graham can elaborate, Nike is “Urban Clothing”. I mean the gangster rapper “Nelly” has a song about his Nike Air Force One’s. Add to that the other rock video’s with Nike product placement and televisions influence and we see that Graham is on the right track. We can’t outlaw these clothes, that’s ridiculous, but by instituting a province wide school uniform law we could seriously curtail this “urban” lifestyle mimicking. I mean as you point out these are good kids from good homes who are being led astray. Perhaps these young hockey players are upset about the NHL season being cancelled and have little outlet for their frustration. Lacking the proper guidance from God and the government they seek to emulate the “urban” rock videos they watch. You are correct that the parents need to step in and keep them from watching this trash on TV and point them in the direction of entertainment that is more uplifting (like 7th Heaven or Touched by an Angel).

    And finally I despair that you think that society is on a slippery slope and we can’t recover. There is always hope. Look to the U.S.A. who are in a larger moral dilemma and how they have righted the ship by leaving behind the loose morals of the Bill Clinton administration for a good Christian led administration under George W. Bush. It is time we in Canada did the same. If only we had leaders of the caliber of President Bush to lead the charge.


  16. haha says:

    ok this wasn’t caused by the NHL season being cancelled? haha thats funny you think that… kids have always been doing this i’ve seen quite a few cars’ windows smashed out over the years in that same area. kids just like to be rowdy i guess. . they love terrorizing an inocent person and then running away laughing with their friends. some parents even ecourage it as they laugh at thier child everytime they get into trouble like this. And who cares if Nelly wears Nike .. what does the clothes they wear have to do with their actions?


  17. graham says:

    I don’t see too many kids in decent cloting out there teasing the chinese.
    Noted point: The term “urban”, stems from the word “Urbane” which is a description of the refined or classy. I find it a little humerous that we are describing these children as refined or their behaviour as dignified based on their garments. I’ll have to agree with ‘who cares’. ‘Urban’ is not a good description of their fashion. How about ‘Ebonic’? MTV? Wild? Whatever it is I think the readers get my point. WE NEED TO CONTROL THESE CHILDREN BEFORE THEY GROW INTO CRIMINALS>


  18. graham says:

    By the way:
    The way ‘who cares’ spelling rediculous as ridicolous, is the most rediculous thing I’ve ‘heard’.


  19. okbud says:

    hahahahha oooh graham corrected a word what a smart boy;)


  20. graham says:

    What about punctuation? During what grade did you decide to give up? Life has more to offer then pot and Nintendo, boy. Do you even go to church?


  21. Davey says:

    Okay, I’m officially confused. Ridiculous is spelled, well, as at the start of this sentence. I thought the various misspellings perpetrated by Graham were intentional. Going to church has failed me, here. Should I try the aforementioned pot and/or Nintendo. Inquiring minds want to know…


  22. Rob says:

    Isn’t it “Enquiring minds”?


  23. noodaluda says:

    why yas complaining !? snowballs thrown at the noodle house has improved there business .. well at least people know what the hell it even isnow . maybe someday they will turn every fast food joint into the Noodle house because everyone will be brainwashed for noodles and then pei will lose weight on account off they will be eating noodles instead of greasy hamburgers and then we wont be canadas fatest country!:D


  24. HansMoleman says:

    graham yur a fucking fag….first get a life…..i dont wear the so called “urban” clothes and i bomb the noodle house….it was all a publicity sunt on behalf of the Ko’s business is good….there is usaully no one there….u like classicl music…girly man…or qweer…..or library type… the whales….oh well go fuck yourself….i know yur good at it..


  25. Ilovemypenis says:

    i bet you ill lose 3 pounds .. im gunna sweat like a bitch


  26. Idontknowaboutyoubutithinkgrahamisafaggat says:



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