Looks like our Sketch 22 website is up and running.  Haven’t looked around it yet, so I can’t guarantee it’s all smooth as silk, but there are a few treats available at least.

Go have a look:


4 thoughts on “www.sketch22.ca

  1. You are comedy gods!

    Philp Arsenault, that song sums up so many thoughts in my head, and as over the top as it sounds, it is more true that I care to admit (Replace Philp Arsenault with any other person you know)

    Good stuff


  2. ‘Cum play on my Island’ is some of the most gut chortling funny stuff I have seen in quite some time… great web site.

    Of course, finding funny with Island life is like shooting fish in a barrel…

    Never seen the actual show, but I WILL this season, I’ll even ‘out’ myself and introduce moi.


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