Exercise: Who Knees It?

Yeah, so about that running thing I’ve been doing…
Well, it’s on hiatus.  Last Tuesday, I went for my regular run/walk (actually turning up the heat to a frothy 20 minute regimine of sets of 90 seconds of jogging followed by 2 minutes of walking) and got home, feeling good.  Next day I started having pains in my knees, and they’ve hung around and still pain me today.
Now, I get pains in my knees all the time, or specifically, in one of my knees.  Back when I was in university, I played some rec-basketball and twisted my left knee pretty badly.  Ever since then, it will occasionally just pop out (usually if I’m walking down stairs) and cause me a couple of days of intermittant pain and discomfort.  Then it goes away.
This is just like that pain, only a bit moreso, and more constant, and in both knees (although the right knee pales in comparison).  It’s been bothersome for about a week, but today I sense it improving.  If it continues much longer, I’ll have to get it looked at.
So, no more running until I’m well and truly recuped.
Can’t say I miss it, though.

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  1. dave s says:

    hey rob. you’ve learned the lesson that i learned when i attempted running: it’s for suckers. just ask jim fix. if god had intended for people to run we wouldn’t be born with shins. won’t you please now join me in enjoying such modern conveniences as moving sidewalks, escalators, and the horseless wagon?


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