My New Pope Prediction

I know who the new Pope will be. Well, I don’t know who it will be, specifically.  I only know what the name will be.

The new Pope will be Pope Jorge Ringo I

Because, ever since Pope John Paul II, the Vatican knew:  The Beatles were more popular than Jesus.

Prediction:  The pope that comes after Pope Jorge Ringo I will be called Pope Timberlake.


  1. lennie says:

    i heard the new pope will be known only as a symbol. and i heard from this same source that it will look something like random japanese script… that way, in a social marketing triumph by the catholic church, the pope’s symbol, or symbols that look pretty much the same, will have been already branded on millions of aimless youth who will in turn finally feel like they have found an identity. he’s also considering a symbol that looks like the nike swoosh, only “pope”ier.


  2. Calico Cat says:

    My money is on the coloured guy from Nigeria.. Pays 5:1 in an internet pool I entered.

    Current (late) Pope scored me 81 points in my dead pool. Just thought I would share.


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