The Mow My Lawn Commitee

I see in this cbc report that Charlottetown City Councillor Mitchell Tweel is to receive his $16,000 councillor "salary" despite not being on any committees (because he was removed from the committees he was on).  Apparently, councillors are expected to sit on committees in order to receive their annual stipend.

Therefore, I propose the Mow My Lawn Committee, which Councillor Tweel can be let in charge of.  I realise that Mitchell does not represent my district.  And I realise that, perhaps of all the councillors, Mitchell is the one who is most adamant about doing good for his district, even if it’s detrimental to other districts.  Because of this, i think it is unlikely that he gives a shit about my lawn, but I think he’d go a long way to earning the share of his salary that I paid out to him, if he would come to my house and mow my lawn.  Once a year, in August.

So, how about it Mitch?  I’ll supply the gasoline and the push-mower, you supply the validation of your councillorship.


  1. I think he should take you up on that offer. Unfortunately, it only adds to the seasonal employment problem on PEI… Could he possibly draw EI during winters?


  2. dylan says:

    My bigger concern is why all the city council meetings take place behind closed doors. The article you link mentions that the council discussed whether or not he should recieve his salary and decided that for whatever reasons he should. Now if we as the citizens who pay and elect these people are not allowed to know what they are doing who is?


  3. graham says:

    Cut out the left-wing, commie-loving jargen. If we open the doors to the public we open the doors to terrorists. Is that what you want? A 747 to smash into province house killing 2?
    I suggest we continue getting our info from the capable and scrutinizing journalists working at the Guardian and the CBC.
    I for one trust that our decision makers are looking out for my interest in the same way that the city police are there to protect me. NOT to drink and drive, sell kiddie porn, run over pedestrians, beat up bums or whatever other lies you ‘lefties’ accuse them of.

    Sir Dr. Mitch Tweel esq.


  4. Angela says:

    I just read the Sketch 22 website and saw that Matt is leaving the group. Where do I audition?


  5. graham says:

    We’ve already throught of a replacement for Matt, but if you start another comedy group, I’ll audition for you.


  6. Rob says:

    Maybe we should invest in a sketch22 casting couch?
    And Matt isn’t leaving the group. He’s still a part of it. It’s just that other more fulfilling opportunities have opened up for him for the summer, so he’s taking a hiatus.
    He will continue to be involved as much as he’s willing, as little as he’s able.


  7. Jason White says:

    Me thinks I would like to Sketch along with the rest of the 22’s


  8. Yanik says:

    Concerning our communities…
    The only people who care less than elected officials are criminals and city cops. (respectively)


  9. graham says:

    HEY!! I’m a criminal, and I speak for most criminals when I say : I care.
    As a criminal I get a sense of the importance of community, local economy, and most importantly people. Not just my neighbors either, like most of those stuck-up suburban fucks, but all people, of all walks. Not just “decent” people, who dress well, but stinky, stupid people (you know who you are).


  10. Yanik says:

    My apologies, G. I was referring to the senseless criminals, not the Robin Hood types like yourself.


  11. graham says:

    Robin Hood? Whaddya mean? I’m a sex offender.


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