Not Even Worth A Clever Title

Listen.  I’m as sick as you are with these interminable reality show recaps of mine.  But I have to comment on this past season of Survivor.
It was, without question, the most I’ve ever enjoyed a Survivor series. A bunch of smart players who knew how to play the game, knew the parameters within which their relationships were based.  It made for some great viewing.
Some of my highlights:
I so immediately hated Wanda the crazy singing crazy woman.  I was so relieved when she didn’t get picked to play.
I really enjoyed the week-by-week-by-weak dismantling of the Ulong tribe.  It was fantastic the way that Stephanie sort of became the symbol for the Downtrodden (in a reality TV kind of way, I’m not talkin’ starvin’ Africans here) and it became almost impossible not to root for her.  Wouldn’t it have been fantastic if she did make it all the way to final two?  She sure is purty.
I was saddened when Ashlee was voted out.  I enjoyed looking at her bulging breasts.
I didn’t like James the redneck.
Even though he seems like something of a childish snobby self-centered, I was moved by Coby’s moment when he talked about his childhood.  Still, I didn’t quite understand what his problem with Tom was?  He seemed to fabricate the idea that Tom was constantly lying and manipulating people and wouldn’t budge from it.  From what I saw, Tom played perhaps the purest game ever, in terms of playing straight up and honestly.
Ian was my favourite player.  I was hoping he’d win.  What a crazy last three or four days for him.  A couple of minor slip ups in what he says and it implodes on him.  The emotional argument he had with Katie was fantastic, even though it made no sense, logically.  it was simple emotion-vomit.  His decision to give up the chance at final two:  I think I understand it, what with respect himself and all, but man…???
Katie made it to final two by riding the coat-tails of two strong players.  That’s fine.  But what lost her the million dollars was her inability to play the other aspects of the game.  She could have still rode the coat-tails but actually contributed more to the community.  That’s where she failed.
Tom deserved to win, hands down.  He totally dominated in practically every way, outplaying everyone.  He was smart, outwitting all without being in their faces about it…and he outlasted.

So, Survivor will never be as good again as this previous season has been.  I’ll have to admit that and never forget when I watch the next bunch of nuts in Guatamala.

Amazing Race also concluded last week.  It too was a great season, thanks almost entirely to Rob and Amber.  They were the season’s heroes, villains and scapegoats all wrapped into one package.  They never forgot what I consider the two most important rules (that I would try and follow if I was playing): never forget that this is a game and that means doing whatever necessary within the bounds of the game to get ahead, and two: respect your partner.
The final episode was very good, glad that Uchenna and Joyce won, but am pretty skeptical about that plane thing at the end.  If you don’t know, I won’t bother explaining it, because, you know… who really cares anyway?

I hate The Aprrentice but I watch it.  I hate American Idol but I watch it.  I watch because I hate.  They both wrap up fairly soon, but I’ll not bother with recaps on those shows.  There, that’ll show them how much I hate them.


  1. dylan says:

    I’m 100% convinced that the Amazing Race producers are responsible for Uchenna and Joyce getting on that plane. I’ve watched the Airport reality show on A&E and have never seen them let anyone on a plane that late, ever. I guess it was decided that Rob and Amber winning that easily would be boring. Although I thought that Uchenna and Joyce were deserving of the win, Amber and Rob had overcome as many setbacks as anyone else in the race and put themselves into the lead only to have it taken away by the producers.

    I couldn’t help but cheer for Rob and Amber and it was mostly because of how well they worked together and how they managed to still enjoy the trip they were on. Not due to their previous Survivor exploits.


  2. Rob says:

    Yeah, I’m with you 100% dylan. CBS and the show’s producers, of course, deny having any influence on that event. In the end, what do I care? For me, it means that the last 45 minutes of the show had a bit of intrigue and excitement, whereas if R&A had the plane to themselves, it would’ve been show over.

    I imagine that the producers take some care with the legs so that teams bunch up when they (the producers) want them to. I wonder if the producers assumed that none of the teams could make that flight? With their penchant for using the rules as much as possible to their advantage, Rob and Amber, if nothing else, will surely cause the producers to ensure that they have all contingencies and rules well laid out for future seasons.


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