Tammys And Jum

Today, we shot some video for our upcoming season of Sketch22.
We started out bright and early (for a Saturday) at 9am at Timothy’s.  After caffeination and chit chat, we headed to the CARI complex.  It was my first time in the building.  From the brief glimpse I got, it’s a pretty nice facility. Today was also convocation for UPEI students, and that was also taking place at CARI, so the place was buzzin’.  We were shooting a video that required three of us to dress in drag, and we shot it in one of the two rinks, while watching girls hockey.  It was pretty noisy in the rink, and the rink itself really swallowed up the sound, so I’m hoping the sound will, well, sound okay.
I was impressed with the level of hockey we saw too.  I guess a tournament was on, or something, but some of those girls can really play hockey.

After shooting that bit of silliness, we went to the Farmers Market for some lunch (I had a schawarma) then it was to the CBC to shoot another video that’s part of a live sketch.  It was a pretty simple setup and Andrew and Dennis, the actors for that video, gave it their all.  They had me biting my tongue quite a bit, trying not to laugh.  I hope that video turns out to be nearly as funny to others as it seemed to me.
Overall, the summer show is starting to come together nicely, I think.  It’s kind of hard to gauge now, because some of the sketches that we have, we’ve been looking at, tweaking and fretting over for a couple of months now and the humour has long been drained out of them for us.  We have to keep remembering our first time hearing those sketches and trust they are as funny now as they seemed when we first heard them.

Behind the scenes at Sketch22, we’ve been fortunate to have the mighty Ghislaine O’Hanley come on board as our stage manager for the summer.  Ghislaine is tops in my book, and I look forward to what she’ll bring to the show.

You can keep up to date with the latest Sketch22 goings-on at the Sketch 22 Online Glamour Site.


  1. ghislaine says:

    Rob, you make me blush…I, too, am looking forward to the summer. I’ll bring the fries, you bring the jum.


  2. Graham says:

    Jum? is that a cross between jizz and cu… I mean… Juice and Rum?


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