Extra! Extra! More Shows Added!

So, you thought you could get through the summer without seeing Sketch22, did you?  You’ve been breathing easier this week, thinking that the run of that interminable in-your-face sketch comedy show was done, and now you could brave the streets of Charlottetown, not caring if you ran into "sketchers" because now you had your "Yeah, I was planning on seeing your show, but something always seemed to be coming up, and now it’s too late" excuse speech practically memorized?
Not so fast, fast-pants.
We’ve added more shows.  Yes, Sketch22 has been held over for two more weekends.  There’s still five more shows you’ll have to avoid.  This Thursday and Friday, Sept.1&2, and next Thursday and Friday, Sept.8&9. 
"Ah-hah!" you say to yourself. "I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a field of labour that causes me to work on Thursday and Friday evenings, most likely in the food service industry.  Because of that, I’ll still be able to avoid the show that people either really enjoy or really despise, but mostly really enjoy."
Again, not so quick, quick-shorts.
See, we’ve added a Super Special No Holds Barred Final Show on Sunday September 11.  Yes, Sunday.  So unless you have, like, the shittiest work schedule ever, you’re gonna have an evening free to come to this show. 

And better yet, if you do go to the Special Sunday show, you don’t have to worry about your $15  admission going to support the filthy-minded reprobrates who wrote, produced and act in the show.  No, if you go to the Special Sunday show, your $15 admission, every penny, will go towards food for the filthy reprobates who populate this town and rely on the Food Bank for sustenance.
Our Special Sunday performance is a show for charity, and every single dollar from tickets sold at the box office is going to the Food Bank.  Maybe you’d want to pay more than $15?

We hope to have one of those "presenting a giant cheque" photos taken for The Guardian.  Our dream is to have the character "Used Tampon" present a cheque to a street person.

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