Prince on SNL

I’ve been a pretty big Prince fan since his earliest days. One thing about him that often gets neglected is his ability to rock out on the guitar.
He was on SNL this past weekend and he really rocks out on this new tune.

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  1. Steverino says:

    Prince rocks harder than any other Jehovah’s Witness I know. Seriously, though… you could put Prince in a room full of different instruments and he could play the Hell out of any of them. He’s insanely talented…
    His last CD, Musicology was good. This new one should be alright, too. Don’t know anything from it yet, though.
    I’ll have to suffer with this dial-up to watch this video… I wish I’d seen SNL now!


  2. Ken Williams says:

    My wife and I got to see him back in 97 in Kansas City – he puts on a hell of a show.


  3. Steverino says:

    That kicked ass. I’ve watched it a few times now. Def. worth the dial-up wait. Prince really is one of the best axe slingers ever. I like when he “does his hair”… it’s like he’s saying, “Yeah… I’m THAT good.”


  4. Les says:

    Hmmm…okay I might have to alter my original opinion of Prince a little after watching that. I haven’t been a fan – ever – of him or his music,…just never hit me, but that performance rocked and I actually liked the song!


  5. dave s says:

    that midget rawks. bragging rites: i saw him too, probably the same tour as ken — the lovesexy tour. best. show. ever.


  6. Oliver says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song Prince did on SNL?


  7. Rob says:

    I believe it’s called “Fury”.


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