Just Like The US Army – We Want You!

Seriously, if you’re kind of contemplating whether or not you should audition for Sketch22 this summer, stop contemplating and just do it.  Fifteen minutes, in and out.   You never know what might happen, and you just might be the one who gets to be part of what should be a crazy-fun summer of sketch comedy.
We’re holding auditions this weekend, but you need to contact Jason – jason@sketch22.ca – to set up a time.  You don’t have to have anything prepared (but if you do, all the better), because we have some sides for you to read.
Just like the US Army, We Want You.  Only, you know, it would be best if you didn’t bomb.

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  1. Steverino says:

    I dunno. For me, it may just be better to have it as something I think I’d like to do seriously… instead of actually finding out one way or another. Writing’s cool, too. I like writing.

    Although… my grade 5/6 class DID give me a hearty round of applause today. We were doing some read-throughs of a play in science about “Harriet Hamburger”, and her trip through the digestive system. To give them ideas for voices and emotion, I read it all for them at the end of class today. I think my best was either… hmm… Mike Molar, Erin Esophagus, or Larry Large Intestine. Maybe Larry. He had good lines I could get something solid out of. Get it? Aha… ha ha… ahem. I guess that pun WAS the shits.
    David Duodenum was fun, too.
    I have a teacher volleyball tourney on Saturday, so I suppose it gets in the way anyway. I’ll definitely be looking forward to watching the show this year, as always!


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