Whatever Happened To That Audition Thing?

For those of you who have been bating your breath in anticipation of the announcement of who becomes the newest cast member of Sketch22, you’ll have to wait and bate a while longer yet.
It’s really a difficult decision we have to make, and we want to make sure we pick the best person for the group.  We’ve narrowed it down to a final four, any of whom would be excellent additions.  We’re hoping to call back these four for another session with us, to see how we all react to each other on stage. 
And, no, we won’t be saying who we have in mind, at this stage, so don’t even ask.
Due to scheduling conflicts, it won’t be until next week before we have our callbacks.  Hopefully, very soon after that, we’ll have a decision that will make Sketch22 the SuperPowerRockComedyPhenomenon that we all hope it can be.
We’ll let you know.  Because we know you care so very much.

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