Sketch22 Has A New Member! (unofficial)

Well, we did it.  We finally chose someone to be the fifth actor in our stage show this summer.  After 19 auditioners (practically every one of which did a really good job), we couldn’t narrow it down beyond a select handful.  So, we asked them if they’d come back and do a bit more script reading and auditioning with us.
That happened earlier this week, and after seeing them again, the decision was no easier.  It’s a pretty good feeling to have to choose among people, all of whom would likely be a great addition.  Conversely, it’s not so great knowing that some pretty talented people won’t be joining us (not that “joining us” is any kind of end-all, be-all).  So, Thursday night, the four of us who are currently on the island, got together for a couple of hours, talked about all the strengths and pros of each person and tried to imagine some potential cons, and finally made a unanimous decision that we think is pretty exciting.
I’m not going to divulge the name quite yet.  While the person, when asked to become part of the group, was enthusiastic and excited, and agreed, we haven’t talked money yet.  So, until those final details get worked out, and agreed upon by all, it’s probably best to keep the name as under wraps as mildly leaked information can remain under wraps on PEI.
But we do have a new cast member for the summer show.  And it’s going to be fantastic.

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  1. Ghislaine says:

    I saw the new member last night.The excitment was infectious, and celebratory jagermeister shots were consumed. I somehow dont think money will be an issue, and I can vouch that the new member will fit right in on the deck at Meeko’s. I cant wait for rehearsals to start!Whheeee!


  2. Rob says:

    Ghislaine, you’ve pretty much seen all the members, haven’t you?


  3. Kratz (Tom) says:

    Hope this year is as fun as past years. Can we get info on the where, when, what for this seassion? With that info in hand we’ll have an extra reason to come back to the Island.

    Also, can we buy tickets online?


  4. graham says:

    We’ll be doin thursdays and fridays at the guild starting early July until Sept. I think tickets may be arranged online at some point thru the guild, but don’t quote me on that. See ya there


  5. ghislaine says:

    all execpt you, Rob. Maybe I’ll get lucky this summer…


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