An “Extra” Special Announcement

Another reminder that this Saturday morning, Sketch22 is shooting a segment of video for our upcoming show.  We urge anyone and everyone who can possibly make it to meet outside the Guild in Charlottetown at 9:30 Saturday morning, June 17.  It’s supposed to be a nice day, weather-wise, so the god’s may be blessing us.
The more people we can get, the better the shot will work.  If you are hemming and hawing about coming to it, please tell your mind that it will be fun.  And you’ll really be helping us out.
While it’s not required, we’d love it if you showed up in some kind of get-up that would get you noticed.  Of course, we’ll be happy if you show up in your everyday, normal clothes, but we really want this to be a spectacle, and anything you can wear, or bring as a personal prop, would certainly help us achieve that.
Your "on-screen" requirement will be very simple and easy.  Nothing drastic or difficult or disrespectful will be asked of you.  All you’ll have to do is show up and be part of what could be the coolest assemblage of people Charlottetown has ever seen.

One thing that would be great:  if you have a mini-DV cam, bring it and document the event.  We’ll give you a blank cassette for you to use and give back to us.

Hope to see you there!  It’ll be fun and, hopefully, memorable.

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