Tourism Bad For Tourism

This article doesn’t not make no sense to me.  The researcher seems to be saying that tourism is bad for tourism.
In other logic, I believe the water wouldn’t be quite so wet if it didn’t rain.


  1. There are hardly any tourist around downtown. Cruise ship visitors are only here for a couple of hours leaving the rest of the time for us to be a Gentle Island. Our economy needs toursists or we will be a vacant island.


  2. hmm that is stupid. As a downtown retailer I love being overwhelmed with cruise ship passengers. The real problem with downtown charlottetown is that their is no parking or incentive for people to come downtown. Instead of wasting my tax dollars on the ill conceived parking kiosk’s or paying for the installation and matinence of new vandal proof parking meters and the cost of the commisionaires they should have just made parking free. I doubt the bottom line on the total cost of our current system has us much in the black.


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