Who Ran Off With The Fiddle?

People who read this blog:
Sketch22 is down to its last days before we open our summer show of 2006.  We are looking for a few last minute props and so I come to this venue to ask of you:

Sketch22 is searching for a fiddle (or violin, I suppose) and bow for our show this summer.  If someone has, or knows someone who has, an old fiddle lying around, and wouldn’t mind parting with it for the summer, we’d be grateful if you’d help us out.
The only requirement is that the fiddle is playable.  However, it does not need to be in tune, or sound good when played.  Even if it only had one string, it would suit our needs.

We would compensate you with a couple of tickets to one of the shows, if you were able to loan a fiddle to us.
And you would be forever in our good books (yes we have more than one).
Thanks, peeps.


  1. Jason White says:

    I have a fiddle!

    It was my grandfathers, I want to play it someday, but for the sketch I am there!

    A couple sets of tickets and it’s yours for the summer,



  2. graham says:

    Thanks Jason.
    Good to have you apart of this


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