We’re putting on a show of biblical proportions! With a cast of 18 playing all the parts! Two of those parts are Mary and Joseph, and they’re played by the supremely talented and funny Kassinda and Benton! At some point, Mary had to tell Joseph about the miracle conception, right? Ever wonder how that conversation went? Well, we give you our own version. And surprisingly, it goes kind of okay. Also, as Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem, they take a bit of a pit stop to, well, to get to know each other better. In the biblical sense. It doesn’t go so great, as a stubborn beast of burden manages to ruin the moment. Finally, they arrive to the manger in the barn, and yeah, the shepherds and wisemen surely show up. But so do other surprising characters! And they have other plans for the baby Jesus! Will Good triumph over Evil? (hint: of course it does!) Stay tuned for more updates on Another Sketchy Xmas and make sure you get your tickets so you don’t miss this outrageously funny bit of theatre! Shows this week! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. All at 9pm at The Guild! Tickets $25

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