Jolly Old Sketch Nick

Yeah, so here’s another plug reminding everyone that Sketch22’s Christmas show plays this Thursday, Friday and Sunday at The Guild in Charlottetown.  Showtime: 8pm  Admission 15$

We’ve performed four shows so far.  Three of them were pretty good shows, while one (Friday night) was sub-par.  I think we were all a bit run-down from putting so much energy into Thursday’s opening.

Why not come out this weekend and catch Sketch?  It’s for what ails ya, Christmas speaking.


  1. Calico Cat says:

    Ok, I bit…

    Being the caring god fearing father that I am, I brought my teenage (18) daughter to the show tonight. (Got booted out of the house due to a wife’s work hosted xmas party) and wanted to pick up something at Future Shop..

    Nice greasy dinner at Harvey’s (her choice) and off we were..

    We liked the show, opening was funny. Perhaps a normal father would feel a little uncomfortable laughing at the ‘whose sperm is this spoof’ with his sprog sitting next to him..however, my daughter has such a warped sense of humour (don’t know where she gets it) it puts me to shame..we laughed.

    Good quality videos, liked the xmas shopping sketch. Bible parody was a bit hmmm…flat. Liked the ‘call in’ to Santa sketch, well done. Fantastic work by the french director in the Charlie Brown skit. Hilarious. One of my highlights, his work over that time was worth the admission.

    Your brief time killing monologue was painful. Reminded me of watching Red Skelton whith my grandmother where he laughed at himself with his crew and left the audience out of the picture, nothing worse than being left out on a joke wether it be with two friends or two hundred…

    Nice job on the third wise man being a tard,,daughter said she thought you actually drooled,, funny stuff regardless.

    Great finale. The lord child rising to the sky, The caroling and finally the birthday song.. Well done gentlemen. Highly recommend your show. We enjoyed it immensely.


  2. graham says:



  3. Rob says:

    Thanks, Calico.
    Had trouble with the site, and am only seeing your comment now. Weird.
    Yeah, as for the time killing monologue, I feel your pain. You should try experiencing it from my side of the stage.


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