Boom Goes The Dynamite, Part Two

Over the past couple of years of writing sketches for Sketch22, especially since Ryan came on board as our technical wizard, one idea has popped up a couple of times.  At first, it was merely one of those “it’ll never happen, but wouldn’t it be cool” type things, and then discarded and forgotten about for a year or so.
The next time it was brought up, it wasn’t quite so quickly discarded.  We actually took a couple of minutes out of a post-show eggroll scarph to talk about logistics.  Once it was discussed, however, the idea once again put into the cupboard of things we’ll never do.
Yet, it seems to have burrowed deep into my mind, and I find myself, more and more, wanting this idea to come to fruition.  In fact, it’s become something that has to happen.  I’m to the point where I now find myself trying to come up with sketch ideas in which this singular idea would fit.
The idea:  Blow Up A Car.
And video-tape it.
For a sketch.

Having it in my brain for the past couple of months, I really want it to happen.  I want to blow up a car.  For the sake of comedy, of course.  And science.

Here’s what we have so far:
-We think we know of a location where we could most likely blow up a car safely.
-We have Ryan, who I assume knows enough about such things as to actually get it accomplished.
– All our limbs.

Here’s what we don’t have so far:
-A car to blow up.
-A valid reason to do it.

See, in terms of “what we have’s” and “what we don’t have’s”, we’re 3-2 in favour of moving forward on this project.  It must be done.

This is where you come in, dear readers.  We’ll take care of the “valid reason”.  We’ll write a video sketch that requires a car to be blown up in it.  There, that’s done.
Now, what we need from one of you is a car to blow up.  Obviously, we don’t want to blow up your new car, but if you have an old beater hanging around your front lawn, why not donate it to the cause?

Yeah!  Let’s get this done!  Let’s blow up a car!  For the sake of comedic art!  Yeah!


  1. dave s says:

    no beater to blow up — sorry, but if all else fails, you could check with one of those car scrap yard places. or you could just pick a car in someone’s driveway at random…


  2. ghislaine says:

    what about your car, rob? It deserves a good death.


  3. jay says:

    I wish I still had my old Celebrity. I’d offer it in a flash. I know I can come up with a good reason to blow up a car. We just need a car!

    Added producer’s incentive – we’ll give you an ad in our summer program advertising anything you want – a tribute to your favourite pet, your fetishes, a Satanic fan club, you name it.

    I don’t have an idea yet, but I think it might be wise to get hold of a dummy too.


  4. Rob says:

    “I don’t have an idea yet, but I think it might be wise to get hold of a dummy too.”

    What? Is Ed Rashed coming back to town?

    I kid, I kid.


  5. Yanik says:

    Why don’t you just try to find one of Graham’s discarded cars?


  6. dylan says:

    Because you’d probably have to pay the parking tickets on it to get Graham’s discarded cars back. And if you do that it might be cheaper to just buy a new Mercedes for me and we can blow up my Saturn.


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