Sketch22 DVD – Pwn One Today!!

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We in the Sketch22 universe have put out a DVD of some of our favourite sketches, videos and assorted goodies.
If I may speak honestly, and from the heart, I dare say that this DVD is perhaps the greatest thing ever.  Better, for sure, than Crispy Crunch.
It’s available at various stores around Charlottetown.  Specifically, Absolutely Fabulous, Back Alley Discs, Lightning Bolt Comics, Timothy’s, and Music World in the Ch’town Mall.
Be one of the first on your block to say “I got me a Sketch22 DVD.”

Some of the things on it:
Road Crew (live)
The Bobert Diaries
Island Eye For The From Away Guy
Cum Play On My Island
Joe Stamps
Wessie Doucette and the Tyne Valley Motivational Experience (live)
Comedy Through The Ages
The Tammys
The Straighteners and Lord Gayon
Canada Rocks Garbage (live at UPEI)
Politically Correct Workplace
Debbie Gaudet (live)
2 Moe Gorman videos

Holy crap!  And that’s not all.  Yes, there’s even more Sketch22 goodness to be found within the DVD.  Get yours today.  You really will be the coolest person on your block.
You want to be cool don’t you?  I mean, you’re SO close to being cool now.  A Sketch22 DVD would put you SO over the top.
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  1. Jay says:

    Somehow, the square bracket disclaimers made it okay. I don’t know how, but they did. Well done.


  2. Jason White says:

    How much with delivery to my office?



  3. Steverino says:

    A review from Steverino, a DVD owner:

    “I’ve owned DVDs in the past, and some of them are funny. I play them on my DVD player. I hide some of them in my furniture, but I take this one to parties. It’s funny! All my friends now know about Debbie Gaudet’s Muppet-muff fetish, and how to sort their garbage. Thanks, Sketch22!


  4. Rob says:

    And thanks to you, Steverino.


  5. Jason White says:

    So I guess no delivery, I will pay cash



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