A Special Offer To UPEI Students

I haven’t talked this over with the other guys in Sketch22, but I have come up with what I think is a pretty sweet deal for students at UPEI, and I’m sure my sketch compatriots would be cool with this.
I am hereby offering this deal to any and all UPEI students:  Because some of our Sketch22 shows get over-booked during our summer run, I am going to suggest that any UPEI student who wants to say they’ve seen our show, come and pay your money for the ticket, and then not stay for the show.  I promise that, if asked, I’ll say that you enjoyed the show to a degree 70% of those who’ve seen it.
You’ll be doing Sketch22 a service, because we really don’t like to perform when there’s standing room only.   You’ll be doing a service to those audience members who really do want to see us. 
And you’ll be getting easy credit.  Isn’t that what UPEI’s all about?
I’ll also extend the offer so that it includes UPEI faculty, ex-faculty, members of the board and administration, and janitors.
Registrars shall remain exempt.

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  1. Ken Williams says:

    I only understand 70% of your premise, are you for Weale?


  2. Kratz says:

    Where do we sign up for the course *blush* I mean Sketch? 😉


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