Harmony With/In Sketch22

I realise I never did make a post with the name of the person that Sketch22 decided to have join the group this summer.
This post rectifies that, as I hereby type the name
Harmony Wagner

Harmony had a couple of really great auditions for us (although I think she thinks she didn’t do well in one of them) and was our unanimous choice.  Now, when I say unanimous choice, that is not to discount the quality and excellence of other auditions, because practically everyone who auditioned was really good.  After the initial audition, we narrowed it down to a handful, and after their callbacks, it was narrowed further to two or three.  Finally, after some serious deliberations, we all decided that Harmony would be the person who would help take this summer’s Sketch22 show in the most entertaining and interesting directions.
It’s going to be really exciting, I think, to have Harmony in the group and I really look forward to seeing what she brings to the show.
Yay, Harmony!!  Yay, Us!!!

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