Sketch22 Wins Some Kind Of Award (Kind Of)

Details are fuzzy on my part, mostly because I wasn’t involved in the whole project.  But here’s what I believe the story is (anyone feel free to correct any errors of fact):
Last summer (like, last last summer, not the summer just previous) LoJo asked some of the gang from Sketch22 if they’d be willing to help out in making a video to help (this is where it gets fuzzy for me) promote the local Chamber of Commerce.  Some of the gang did it.  Not sure why I wasn’t involved.  I probably declined outright, as I am wont to do when people ask me to be involved in endeavours (I am trying to alleviate myself of this tendency on my part.  So if you have a project you want me to be involved in, now is the time to ask.  I promise I won’t decline outright), but some of the group (the rest of the group?) did something.  I haven’t seen it, but I understand it was hella good and the local Chamber liked it.  Am I right in that?
Anyway, the local Chamber sent it off to the Chamber’s Grand Wizard Conference (fuzzy on details) in BigTown, Canada, where it was to be contested against other communities Chamber promotions videos.  Well, turns out it won the People’s Choice award, and the “official” judges gave it 3rd place – Bronze Medal, baby.  And get this:  They paid us two-hundred thousand dollars! (fuzzy)  And get this:  That’s exactly how much money we need to get the farm and the fishin’ outta hock!

And while I am depressed that I wasn’t involved, and depressed that I usually say “no” outright to such projects, and can’t really take any of the credit, I can still begrudgingly toss out some mad props to the rest of the people involved.

So, good work, Sketchers et al.

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