Sketch22 – Funny Or Die – Gay Divorce Sketch

About two weeks ago, Sketch22’s “producer with the Orange Juicer”, Jay-Ro (or Ro-J) [hey, I’m trying to make this post topical with a weak OJ Simpson vibe to it] was contacted by THE guy who runs (or A guy who works for) the website Funny Or Die (that’s the website that was co-founded by Will Farrell, or something, where people can upload videos and then viewers vote whether the videos are “Funny” or if they “Die”) [and THE Guy who contacted us is, like Will’s best friend or something] {so really, it’s like Sketch22 is now a good friend of Will Farrell – tell your friends!} (this sentence, by the way, will be nominated to the “Most Parentheticals In A Single Sentence” category at the upcoming Grammarian Awards [held this year in Nunavut,NWT].

The guy said he saw some of our online video stuff and really liked it (aw shucks and blush!) and said we should enter a video into a new contest coming up.  Apparently, they’re launching a Canadian .ca version of the site and to kick that off, they’re having a contest.  Some of this info may be incorrect.

The challenge of the contest is this:  Videos are to be 2 minutes or shorter, and each video must contain, in some way, the phrase “Pierre Trudeau said there’d be days like this”.  Anyway, we submitted a video, even though we only had about a week to
come up with an idea, shoot and edit it (there, that’s our excuse if
you end up not liking the video).

You can see our submission here:  Sketch22’s Funny Or Die “Gay Divorce Sketch”

We’d love it if you watched it and voted it “Funny”.  If you happen to not care for our video, and if your morals allow you to do so, we’d love it if you still voted it “Funny”.  The very future of Sketch22 depends on your voting that video “Funny”.  Nay, the very future of humanity hinges on you – yes, you, sitting there at your office computer, or at home, or in some coffee shop, living your boring, dull life – voting this video as “Funny”.

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